Neuromorphic Sensing and Computing
Facing huge hurdles in data bandwidth and computational efficiencies, computing and sensing must reinvent themselves by mimicking neurobiological architectures.

Equipment and Materials for Fan-Out Packaging
Electronic packaging equipment and materials revenue growth is highly reliant on big players’ investments. A new killer application is needed to fuel robust growth.

MicroLED Displays 2019
Significant progress over the last 18 months, but many challenges remain before ramping up for large volume consumer applications.

Inkjet Printheads: Dispensing Technologies & Market Landscape
Piezo printheads are accelerating commercial and industrial printing growth.

Status of the Microfluidics Industry 2019
Diversification of microfluidic technologies has led to burgeoning new applications and market growth, driving players’ interest and M&A.

Status of the Power Electronics Industry 2019
Long term growth of the power electronics market is driving 300mm wafer-based production.

5G’s Impact on RF Front-End Module and Connectivity for Cell phones 2019
The battle for 5G still rages: integration in-module or with discrete parts?

MRAM Technology and Business 2019
MRAM promises life beyond eFlash: the embedded MRAM market is taking off and is expected to reach $1.2B by 2024.

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   •  Technology & market reports
   •  Reverse costing - Structure, process & cost analysis
   •  Patent investigation

Each year, Yole Group of Companies publishes a comprehensive collection of analyses and databases in numerous domains: to easily access our reports throughout the year and benefit from our best price, Yole Group of Companies proposes a service of annual subscription.

The Group operates in the following areas:

MEMS & Sensors - Imaging - RF Electronics - Medical Technologies - Compound Semiconductors - Solid-state Lighting - Displays - Photonics - Power Electronics Batteries & Energy Management - Advanced Packaging - Semiconductor Manufacturing - Memory -Software

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Yole Développement, System Plus Consulting and KnowMade, all part of the Yole Group of Companies, are launching a collection of 10 monitors in 2019.

The monitors aim to provide updated market, technology and patent data as well dedicated quarterly analyses of the evolution in your industry over the previous 12 months. Furthermore, you can benefit from direct access to the analyst for an on-demand Q&A and discussion session regarding trend analyses, forecasts and breaking news. Topics covered will be compact camera modules (CCMs), advanced packaging, compound semiconductors, microfluidics, batteries, RF and memory.

1- MARKET MONITOR by Yole Développement

A full package:
The monitors will provide the evolution of the market in units, wafer area and revenues. They will also offer insights into what is driving the business and a close look at what is happening will also be covered in it.
The following deliverables will be included in the monitors:
• An Excel database with all historical and forecast data
• A PDF slide deck with graphs and comments/analyses covering the expected evolutions

Topics covered:
Advanced packaging - Compound Semiconductor - Camera module - Memory

2- REVERSE TECHNOLOGY MONITOR by System Plus Consulting

Smartphones – New
To stay updated on the latest components, packaging and silicon chip choices of the smartphone makers, System Plus Consulting has created its first Smartphone Reverse Technology monitor.
This year, get access to the packaging and silicon content database of at least 20 different flagship smartphones – more than five per quarter.
Starting in 2019, the monitor will include an Excel database report for each phone and a quarterly comparison.


A full package:
Starting at the beginning of the year, the KnowMade monitors include the following deliverables:
• An Excel file including the monthly IP database of:
- New patent applications
- Newly granted patents
- Expired or abandoned patents
- Transfer of IP rights through re-assignment and licensing
- Patent litigation and opposition
• Quarterly report including a PDF slide deck with the key facts & figures of the quarter:
IP trends over the three last months, with a close look to key IP players and key patented technologies.

Topics covered:
GaN - Li-Ion Batteries - Solid-State Batteries - Acousting Wave Filters - RF power amplifiers and filters - RF FE modules - Microfluidics

4- TEARDOWN by System Plus Consulting

System Plus Consulting’s teardowns provide unmatched intelligence into electronic devices, including phones, smart home, wearables and connected devices. Each of the annual 120+ teardown reports includes:
• Pinpoint measurements
• Detailed parts lists with fully-costed BOMs
• Highly detailed block diagrams
• High-resolution photos
• X-rays
• Detailed power measurements available for nearly every operating mode
• Sub-Teardown of each component with greater than 6-pin
• Robust database searches


   • Choose the number of reports you need in 2019 (*)
   • Select reports from our collection as they are published or from 
      those already available
   • Pay once and receive the reports automatically under corporate license.
   • Share Yole Group of Companies' market data with all your employees
   • Use our data to understand trends and develop business and strategic
   • Communicate directly with our analysts for a sharper market vision.

(*) Monitors can not be part of the annual reports subscription.

Your benefits:
   • Economical: access Yole Group of Companies' market data at best price.
   • All-inclusive: fast & easy delivery, large collection, corporate license, 
     benefit from author’s expertise, have a unique contact point in our
   • Fast: shorten your purchasing process and get multiple reports with only one order.

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