GaAs Wafer and Epiwafer Market: RF, Photonics, LED and PV Applications

With the introduction of the iPhone X in September 2017, Apple set the standard for technology and use-case for 3D sensing in consumer. Apple contrived a complex assembly of camera modules and light sources using structured light principles, along with an innovative NIR global shutter image sensor from STMicroelectronics. From our initial depiction of the market in March 2017, the main gap is in illumination ASP, which is greater than expected. High expenses in dot and flood illumination VCSELs from Lumentum/II-VI/Finisar, along with the dot illuminator optical assembly from ams, are the biggest technology surprises powering Apple’s $1,000 smartphone... More

As well as:

VCSELs - Technology, Industry and Market Trends
3D sensing – and more – in smartphones will drive the VCSEL market for the next five years.

Power SiC 2018: Materials, Devices and Applications
Automotive is putting SiC on the road. Is the supply chain ready?

Chinese Microfluidics Industry 2018
Will the Chinese microfluidics industry change the worldwide microfluidic landscape?

5G’s Impact on RF Front-End Module and Connectivity for Cell Phones 2018
How is 5G enabling new business opportunities despite flat mobile growth?

   •  June 2018

Displays & Optical Vision Systems for VR, AR & MR 2018
Technological reality is piercing the hype for virtual and augmented realities, reminding everyone about all the challenges that are yet to be overcome.

Solid-state Battery 2018
A feasible way towards safer, better-performing batteries?

3D Imaging & Sensing 2018
The iPhone X initiated a trend. What happens next?

Liquid Biopsy: From Isolation to Downstream Applications 2018
How will liquid biopsy change cancer care?

DRAM Service – Memory Research
2018 will be the peak year for DRAM market value, with price moving down Q3.

NAND Service – Memory Research
NAND is expected to set another revenue record in 2018, before a flattish 2019. Jun.2018

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