(x)PU: high-end CPU and GPU for datacenter applications 2020

High-Performance Computing and cloud gaming are setting the bar for leadership in the high-end CPU and GPU markets.

Quantum Technologies 2020

Quantum technologies are jumping to a commercial state.

Artificial Intelligence for Medical Imaging 2020

With the emergence of AI in imaging, the medical industry and the radiology profession have begun to dramatically change.

Epitaxy Growth Equipment for More Than Moore Devices Technology and Market Trends 2020

Driven by microLED displays and power devices, epitaxy equipment shipment volumes will multiply more than threefold over the next five years.

Discover the wide range of reports, monitors and tracks available from the Yole Group of Companies

Together, our group of companies, Yole Développement, System Plus Consulting and KnowMade, is collaborating ever closer and therefore will offer, in 2020, a collection of over 125 syndicated reports, 11 monitors and 160 teardowns, combining respective expertise and methodologies from the three companies – that are market and technology, reverse costing and patent analysis.

What to expect in 2020?

During 2019 we introduced new additions to our “monitor” product offering, which provides continual updates on your industry during the year, and we will be expanding this offering during 2020. In addition to the monitors, we also now offer “teardown tracks’ that provide you online visibility into the latest consumer technology product designs and the suppliers within them. In 2020, an automotive track will be launched, further expanding our research focused on emerging technologies. On our traditional report side of our business, the Yole Group continues our commitment to a new collection of reports addressing six key markets:

& Consumer

& Transportation

& Infrastructure



& Aerospace

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