Organic Thin Film Transistor 2016: Flexible Displays and Other Applications

Are OTFTs ready to disrupt the display industry and enable fully-flexible devices? - Oct.2016

When trying to build a flexible display panel, the Thin Film Transistor (TFT) matrix is one of the most challenging and fragile functional layers.
Interest in OTFT emerged in the mid-2000s when mobility reached values similar to amorphous silicon (a-Si), the dominant display backplane technology. This triggered a flurry of activity at leading display manufacturers, and prototypes rapidly emerged. Besides fast-improving electrical performance, OTFT’s intrinsic flexibility made the technology ideal for the realization of flexible displays. In 2007, the first ever flexible AMOLED panel was demonstrated by Sony and featured an organic TFT.
However, interest waned as performance and homogeneity issues persisted, and other TFT technologies like LTPS and metal oxide emerged...

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