Flip Chip: Technologies and Markets Trends
Flip Chip technology is expected to reach $25 billion market value and wafer demand of 32M (12”eq.wafers) in 2020, supported by the wider adoption of Cu pillar technology.

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The volume of devices packaged using Flip Chip technology will double from 16 million (12”eq) wafers per year in 2014 up to 32 million wafers per year in 2020.
This will be driven by mobile and wireless – specifically smartphones – LEDs and CMOS image sensors (CIS). Demand will also come from consumer applications, such as tablets, smart TVs, and set top boxes, computing and high performance/industrial applications, including networking, servers, data centers, and high-performance computing. Yole expects steady growth for traditional ICs such as CPUs, GPUs and chipsets for desktop/laptop applications, which were early adopters of flip-chip technology...
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