Custom Webcasts


Our Customer Webcast program includes exclusive sponsorship of a live program. It features an industry discussion led by one of Micronews Media’s  expert analysts, followed by a Q&A session.  Each webcast is available for a period of three months after broadcast, courtesy of
–     Access to a highly-targeted audience of  contacts
–     Micronews Media manages the entire process before, during and after the webcast, including definition of the program, creation of marketing campaigns, webcast release and webcast archive
–     Micronews Media supplies an expert analyst who acts as the program moderator
–     Brand recognition is gained throughout the entire promotion, registration and viewing experience
Content of the collaboration:
We create a timeline for your webcast and then develop a marketing campaign to promote the program and the speakers involved. 
Micronews’ Media team will:
- Assist with developing content and speaker ideas 
- Produce the webcast for live and on-demand release
- Moderate the webcast and provide some analysis support
- Archive the webcast for three months
- Execute a promotional marketing campaign during 3 months (described below).
The marketing campaign includes:
- Creating and deploying two banners (vertical & horizontal) to run on
- Ads in Micronews and Tech. Magazines (full and half page)
- Direct invitation emails to Micronews’ email database.
- Additional features: two pre-qualifying questions on the registration page