UV LEDs - Technology, Manufacturing and Application Trends
After fast adoption of UVA LEDs for curing applications, UVC LEDs for purification/disinfection are now ready - July 2016

The UVC LED industry is still small but strong growth is expected in the next 18 months due to dramatic price reductions. In 2016 prices are 1/8-1/10 of what they were in 2015. This has been triggered by the industry’s development, its transition to mass production and improved device performance. With most of the industry believing that $1-$4/mW is the price that would trigger mass market adoption we are getting close to a UVC LED market boom. Another positive sign is that most UVC LED manufacturers are now focusing on developing cost-effective solutions rather than improving device power output. In parallel, the UVC LED industry continues to work on increasing lifetime and developing lower wavelength devices, below 280nm. [...] More

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Fan-Out: Technologies & Market Trends 2016
Fan-Out packaging: the most dynamic advanced packaging platform. Will it be sustainable long-term - Jul.2016

Emerging Non-Volatile Memory
The new storage-class memory (SCM) category will be the biggest emerging NVM market, with embedded MCU seeking emerging NVM for strategic differentiation - July 2016

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